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Moo Minicards

So after hearing about Moo and their Minicards, I ordered my sample pack (well they were free, so why not?)

Moo Minicards sample pack
Moo Minicards
Moo Minicards 100 pack
Random Selections
Some of my 100 pack designs
Moo Shipping Label

Well I ended up not waiting and ordered a 100 pack last weekend both packs turned up this week, and well they are very cool. A few don't look so good but that's more down to user error than Moo making a mess of things, I could have chosen some different photos and maybe cropped some a little better.

The 100 pack arrived today just as I was on my way out to work, so I just grabbed them, then spent a good part of today just looking at them, you can tell it's all be thought about, the packaging both 10 and 100 card versions is real sweet.

The cards themselves are just cute and tiny, I think I'm going to find it hard to give them away but at only $19.99 (I little weird that they list the prices in $ when they are based in London) for a 100 with free shipping until the 15th getting another pack is cheap.

Tags: cool, flickr, minicards, moo
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