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Why my mother is very special [Oct. 22nd, 2006|10:28 pm]
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So I was up in Nottingham today, sorting out my mothers friend PC, and I was just filling up with petrol before hitting the motorway for the drive back here to Bristol and I found I did not have my ATM, so I paid with my backup card and drove back to her house so I could put a stop on the missing card.

Anyway so I got back and unloaded my bags to check then in the light, still no card, so I phoned my bank about the card(As a side note, First Direct, were very good and sorted everything out without any bother) and then got back in my car and headed off down the motorway back here.

So I arrived and park about ten to ten, and saw I did not have my bags with me. So switching on my mobile to phone my mother to go 'hey I've been a bit dumb and left all my stuff at your place' but got the answer phone, so I thought she had just gone to bed, so I keep walking to my front door and see a familiar looking car parked up, so has a quick look inside and it was my mother, she had only just followed me down the motorway with my stuff.

So we unload my gear and all she said was 'I didn't know if you needed any of your things', then she got back on the road for the three hour drive back. So I feel very loved now and special and very very luck to have my mother but I still think she mad for driving all that way.

Its her birthday next weekend, so I'm now thinking of something extra special to get her to say thanks.