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First day at Work as Zoe [Feb. 5th, 2007|09:01 pm]
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Well, breaking radio silence.

Today was a big day. Last week on wednesday, I had a meeting with everyone else in the office to tell I be changing my name to Zoe and from Monday (today) coming to work as Zoe. This was a big shock to everyone. Most people said I was very brave but I sure did not feel that way.

Anyway I survived the first day. We''l see how the rest go.

I've got the paperwork to legally change my name so that will be sorted in a few day. Then it just all the paperwork to change Banks, utilities and my passport over.

[User Picture]From: z303
2007-02-07 09:37 pm (UTC)

Hope everythings OK?

Short answer. Oh yes, just busy, part of the reason I've not be posting that much on here.

and the longer version:

At work we got told around the summer that our company would be sold or spun off from our parent and we would be told the result by the end of the year(2006), so that was not so nice, part of the reason I took that job was the hope it would be stable enough for me to transition without problems, so that was a bit stressful, in the end we were not told until the start December what was going to happen (spin off), so everyone was putting in extra hours to make sure all the projects were on time and the company looked as good as possible for whoever took over.

Also at that time I went to my line manager and said I just was not performing as well as I could, he said that he had been meaning to talk to me about this, I did not tell him about the T stuff, but I got put on a more close monitoring scheme, with weekly goals, anyway, that allowed me to focus on work again and get back on track, I'd never really got into the job like most of my others, and it just was not working, I had so many other things on my mind and then about a month later I told HR about the whole 'scary gender stuff' tm, and gave them time to read up on th subject. Gave them timescales.

Then the website I did for my mother villa, ended up take way way more time that I thought, I was thinking a month or two to get it going then only an hour or two a month just to sort out dead links and stuff but its become more like an hour every day or two, updating the bookings, making sure the search engines rank it well, which has been fun, interesting and something I wanted to get back into anyway (learning all the business, side thing not just the technical parts, like going on an MBA but I probably learnt more), just maybe not right at that time (My timing had always been bad).

Plus my sister has moved the west coast of Ireland, something they have been planning for a few years but they saw some land they liked and then it all moved really quick, selling their home in Nottingham. So a few visit over to see them and this plot of land they now own. Plus drinking Red lemonade

Red lemonade

with Chocolate Kimerbley's


Which are both very nice but very hard to find in the UK.

Then ther normal madness around xmas, which came early for me this year as I was flying out to see my sister mid December, which was cool, saw some mad people canoeing in Galway just before Christmas day. Saw the autograph tree in Coole Park.

Then Boxing day over to France to a nice two week break, We went to Barcelona one day, it's only a few hours drive from the villa and a very cool city. Up into the Pyrenees to Andorra to look around, sio many stunning views.

Then I got back into the UK second week in January, so I had a mad rush around to fill out my wardrobe for going full time, lots of sorting bits out with HR, telling a few more people about me.

I was hoping I'd get some free time towards the back end of last year, so I could say, and sort out meeting up, if you still want to we should sort out a date.
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