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Links for 2007-3-15 - Z303 — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Links for 2007-3-15 [Mar. 16th, 2007|07:54 am]
2K Fuck The Millennium (Barbican Centre)


K Foundation - Burn A Million Quid (Part 5 of 5)

K Foundation - Burn A Million Quid (Part 4 of 5)

K Foundation - Burn A Million Quid (Part 3 of 5)

K Foundation - Burn A Million Quid (Part 2 of 5)

K Foundation - Burn A Million Quid (Part 1 of 5)

KLF - Interview Part 7/7 The Sheriff

KLF - Interview Part 6/7 About the KLF

KLF - Interview Part 5/7 Bill Drummond

KLF - Interview Part 4/7 Working methods.

KLF - Interview Part 3/7 Pure Trance.

KLF - Interview Part 2/7 The White Room.

KLF - Interview Part 1/7 Amsterdam.Intro

The KLF - Snub TV interview Rare KLF interview circa late '88 early '89.

KLF - The White Room (Original Motion Picture)

The KLF - Waiting (Part 4/4)

The KLF - Waiting (Part 3/4)

The KLF - Waiting (Part 2/4)

The KLF - Waiting (Part 1/4)

This Is Not What The KLF is About - Part 2/2

This Is Not What The KLF Is About - Part 1/2

Jean Michel Jarre - Making Of Destination Docklands Part 3/5

Jean Michel Jarre - Making Of Destination Docklands Part 5/5

Jean Michel Jarre - Making Of Destination Docklands Part 4/5

Jean Michel Jarre - Making Of Destination Docklands Part 2/5

Jean Michel Jarre - Making Of Destination Docklands Part 1/5

Breakpoint demoscene through time and space.

"Frameskool" - Breakpoint 2007 64k invit by Equinox

Natoora.co.uk the online farmers' market - home delivery

Self sufficient 'ish' the urban guide to almost self sufficiency.

Dabbawala is a person in the Indian city of Mumbai whose job is to carry and deliver freshly made food from home in lunch boxes to office workers. The delivery system of Mumbai is so efficient that there is only one mistake for every million deliveries.

RIP Twitter (2007-2007) 1. Where’s the Value? 2. Too Much Effort 3. Key Users Will Bail.

Ten Ways to Improve Your Quality of Life

Subsidized Sex for Pensioners "Life begins at 66," reads an advertisement aimed at old people in Germany. But it's not promoting orthopedic shoes -- it's for a brothel which is offering a 50-percent discount to senior citizens.

Scotch Spam: Make the spammers pay!

Flickr is my Twitter using photos on flickr instead of text on twitter as a daily update

A Few Good Managers A Few Good Men from a software development perspective.

Making games for the other 90% Five ways to make games for the mainstream.

Blogs vs. Twitter Steve Rubbel micro blogs very actively on Twitter throughout the day (and night) and uses his blog for publishing longer pieces.

Blogging takes no time at all When they first burst onto the scene, films, television and video games were all criticised for being time-consuming, spoddy pursuits. They are a part of everyday life which many of us cannot imagine living without. Blogging is the latest in the list.

Don't sweat on syndication? So does RSS really matter to real people? (By real, I mean people not like me. Or, chances are, you: we're too tech literate). The answer appears to be: no.

How to: create a pre-filtered mash-up of RSS feeds

No Impact Man Colin, his wife Michelle, and daughter Isabella have committed a year of their life to serious experimentation with lightening their environmental footprint. Their goal: zero net environmental impact at the end of that year.

The 7.83 Hz House: Green, Prefab, Reconfigurable a carbon-neutral, eco-friendly, prefab house available to the mass market. Designed to delivered on just two trucks, the prefab is assembled from precut, biodynamically grown wooden panels, which are doweled together onsite rather than glued.

Myths and ignorance surrounding the slave trade Two centuries after Britain began to dismantle the slave trade, the whole issue is still beset by myths, half-truths and ignorance

Ground floor perfumery, stationery ... and cells The police are to set up "retail jails" on high streets to detain offenders for up to four hours under new proposals. They also appear to lift the barriers that separate the police fingerprint and DNA databases from the new national identity register.

A Continent Under the Influence: Statistics Unmask a Europe of Binge Drinkers Nobody drinks more than the Europeans. The Irish, Brits and Finnish in particular like to get plastered in excessive boozing marathons. A new EU study has found worrying continental drinking habits and warns of the consequences beyond the next morning's h

Rage Against the Baby Machines: Germany's Neo-Housewives Spark Debate on Gender Roles A new wave of anti-feminism is taking hold of Germany. Former career women-turned-housewives are spreading the word about a "new femininity" which encourages women to stay at home and embrace motherhood.

From Dot-Com to Watt-Com: Start-Up Fervor Shifts to Energy in Silicon Valley Out of the ashes of the Internet bust, many technology veterans have regrouped and found a new mission in alternative energy: developing wind power, solar panels, ethanol plants and hydrogen-powered cars.

Computer model hints at how opinions evolve The key is how strongly the groups communicate with each other. The work could explain how language differences persist across geographic boundaries and how political thought can quickly become polarized.

The unsung guardians of the internet An army of 'digilanti' - unpaid loners at their PCs - are trying to keep the web free of spam and scammers

QuesoGLC The OpenGL Character Renderer (GLC) is a state machine that provides OpenGL programs with character rendering services via an application programming interface (API).

Are bloggers parasites? That's the question of the day in the navel-gazing world of the blogosphere. Robert Niles, the editor of the Online Journalism Review, recently decried what he sees as a tendency by journalists to characterise blogs as "a 'parasitic' medium".

Pressure mounts on Ofcom over HD A group of broadcasters, retailers and manufacturers is leading a campaign to ensure universal availability of high-definition TV in the UK.

What is Twitter, and is there any reason I should care?

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