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Tizer and Irn Bru

I never did write up my thoughts on the old school pop from the other week.

Tizer first, nice, reminds me of red lemonade, but with a stronger taste, of what I can't put my finger on, sort of fruits but I'm not sure which ones. I really liked this and can't seem to remember why I stopped buying it. I know it did not though a period of being hard to find.

Irn Bru. At Uni I drank about a bottle a day (500ml) as it was about the only fizzy thing the library cafe sold. Its not as sickly sweet as I remember, but you still don't taste of much but the sugar and metallic flavor. Not something I can imagine having everyday now. A 500ml bottle every now and then would be good, as it is different.
Tags: drinks, irn bru, pop, tizer
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