Zoe (z303) wrote,

And that the next 13 Saturdays at 7pm sorted

Less than a week to go, before Doctor Who returns. I've not been keeping track of the rumors and leaks, so I have very little idea whats going to be in this series but I did catch a trailer on BBC 3 the other night, I'm hopeful it will be upto standard. I was disappointed with Torchwood, but still watched it every week.

The Doctor and Martha Jones

The Fairies one was very good and the final story but many of the other just seemed very dull, you did not get to any of the character very well so they seemed all flat and just stereotypes. The sex and swearing just seem tacked on to make it more 'adult', taking away from the stories not adding too them. I still want to see a second series, as I think the setup could be great, just next some better stories, maybe not even that just stories done better, and not in terms of the production quality that was fine, it looked good, apart from the stupid Range Rover with flashing light strips, KITTs cousin maybe?
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