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Links for 2007-4-13 [Apr. 14th, 2007|10:03 am]

The Warzone 2100 Resurrection Project

Pimlico is a suite of lightweight Personal Information Management (PIM) applications designed primarily for handheld and mobile devices.

Be Productively Unproductive Online. Without Guilt.

Under the skin The skinhead movement is about to be reconsidered in a new film and a photographic exhibition.

25 Code Snippets for Web Designers (Part3)

The 1,001 Horsepower Fairy Tale: Do Consumers Really Want Fuel-Efficient Cars? When questioned in surveys, most people say they would like cars to consume as little gas as possible. But what cars do people actually buy? What cars do engineers design? And what decisions do politicians make when it comes to this issue?

Actively Passive: The New Wave of Energy Efficient Homes

LOT-EK MDU Shipping Container House The idea is simple: transform a single shipping container into a single dwelling unit. Designed for the modern-day nomad, the MDU can easily be transported from one spot to the next, fully-loaded with all the live/work amenities you could ask for.

Beagle is a Linux desktop-independent service which transparently and unobtrusively indexes your data in real-time.

Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0

AKIRA Anime/Manga by Katsuhiro Otomo

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