Zoe (z303) wrote,

90 Days Project

Sort of based on this post (via 43folders), and also it nearly take me to the end of the year, so seemed like a good number. The reason I started this journal was to make some changes in my life. Looking back at old entries I was a mess. I knew this at the time,change is hard, but I did make changes. It feels good to be able to look back and see what I wrote and see where I have come from. The last few years have all been about getting to this point.

I've found myself asking 'Er, what next?' of late. I've got this long to do list but again I sort of know what I need to do:

Sort out my flat, 7 years in one place, my first place with a spare room, all the junk get dumped and the door closed, lots of junk, from the last 10 year since graduating, most I don't use or need, makes the place seem smaller. It need to go on a big decluttering.

Fitness, Ten years of working in an office means I get up walk to the car, drive to work, work, get back in the car and drive home, I maybe walk ten miles a week more like near five, this is bad, very bad. A friend at work did a 10K run over the weekend in about 50 minutes, I don't think at this point I could not it in anything like that time.

Focus has been a problem, so just keep the list short and working on these and see where I get in 90 days.
Tags: 90days, decluttering, lifehacks, worklifebalance
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