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90 Days, Day 7: And still trying to declutter [Oct. 8th, 2007|08:28 pm]
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[Current Location |Bristol]

Over the weekend I just slept for a good bit and got sidetracked after finding my copy of Battlefield 2, and have a few games (My first since the end of January). I'd not forgotten how to play half as much as I thought I would, and did all right coming in at the top half of the table most of the time.

Anyway I did get back to cleaning up, more sorting out of old bank statements and sorting out old clothes. The plan is to get the whole place cleaner than when I moved in all that time ago in June 2000. You don't understand how much work this is until you start, dusting, moving furniture. Bin day is Tuesday, so I normally find myself doing most of my cleaning today, so think can go straight into the bin but today I ended up being tech support for various family members, first up was posting in Wordpress, then burning a CD of photos. So not much progress today.