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Followup on that Letter

So I'm been slow in update with the latest after the letter. Short version, I wrote back, and they rethought the decision and I have an appointment in mid Feb at the clinic.

So the long version. I sent the clinic a letter.

Dear P,
It was with some distress I read your letter of 29th July 2008, before I explain why, I would like to correct a factual error for your records, my former name was 'Xxxx' not 'Xxx'.

Your comment about my wish to store sperm and how this show uncertainty about my transition do miss the point, how is the wish to have children related to my or anyone else's gender identity?

The point about a surrogacy arrangement being the only way the sperm could be used in the future make the assumption that I could only be heterosexual and not that I wish to have children biologically related to both a future female partner and myself.

Further as a discussed with Dr S I did not expect to have sperm storage provided by the NHS but thought I should at least ask the question. I am still interested in the cost of private treatment.

Your sincerely

Medical types are so slow, so nearly two months later, I got this in reply

Dear z303

Thanks you for your recent letter. Please accept my apologies for the incorrect spelling of your former name in the letter I sent to your GP, Dr S, in July, which I also copied to you.

I appreciate the points you make in your letter. In particular that you do not expect NHS-funded sperm storage.

I will take your request to the Senior Staff Multi-Disciplinary meeting, where we consider how we feed able to proceed when there are unusual circumstances related to a fertility problem and where we need a broad view from different disciplines.

I will write to you after we have considered your request. I would expect this to be within the next 4 weeks.

I have sent a copy of this letter to your GP, Dr S, for his information.

With kind regards.

Yours Sincerely

Then after a few weeks wait, I got this one.

Dear z303
Further to my letter of 6th November, your request for sperm storage was considered at our Senior Staff Multi-Disciplinary meeting this week. After careful consideration, we would agree to the freeze-storage of your sperm on a self-funded basis.

Although we would be happy to store your sperm, we would not want this to raise any false expectations for you when you may decide you want to use your sperm for treatment in the future. There would be no guarantee that we would provide treatment as this would depend on your circumstances and those of your partner at that time, as would be the case for any man having his sperm stored. In addition, it is likely we would want to arrange an appointment with one of our Specialist fertility Counsellors at that time.

If you are wanting to proceed with arrangements to store sperm you would need to have some preliminary investigations beforehand. This is a requirement of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority who inspect and licence all clinics offering sperm storage. In particular, you would need blood taken to check your Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV and Syphilis serology. I hope that your GP, Dr S, would be happy to arrange these investigations and to request that the laboratory send a copy of the results to us.

I would suggest that you contact our Specialist Fertility Nurse Practitioner, S H, who takes responsibility for our sperm storage work, about a week after your blood samples have been taken. Her direct phone line number is Bristol XXXXXXXX.

With kind regards.

Yours Sincerely

So after all the effort, I have a appointment on the 12th of Feb, so fingers crossed I can start hormones sometime in March.
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