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Two Years Fulltime (give or take a few days) [Feb. 3rd, 2009|10:53 pm]
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I'm a day or so short of being two years full time.

I have been think what to write it does feel like I should write this big long thing but well it just feel normal now and I'm getting on and rebuilding a life, lots of stuff still to do, like start hormones and more work on my voice but most of the time day to day it all ok.

Part of the reason for posting today was this tweet from tindle:

Encountered a couple of trans gender people, recently, through work..I admire them, for it may be the ultimate, in trying to be who you are

and ubadboy's reply

@tindle so true

Both don't know about my transition, I think, its not really a secret but then its not something I tell everyone about and its good to hear such nice things said.