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Blunkett on ID cards [Apr. 25th, 2004|11:10 pm]
Just seen the Home Secretary, David Blunkett on Five News, he's says 35% of Terrorist use multiple identities, and that's why we need ID cards, to help this fight against terror, ok, so 65% don't, how are ID cards going to help with those?

This is first issue that motivated me enough to write to my MP, sending off my fax and getting a reply from my MP, made me feel good about the whole democracy process here and then to see the government just ignore many people views (including mine), destroyed all my new found faith.

I not saying never to ID cards just that we should have a proper debate on this issue after all Sir Nicholas Browne-Wilkinson said back 1990 that 'The dossier of private information is the badge of the totalitarian state'. Even the Royal Society has warned the Public not to ‘sleepwalk into technological future’ because of the lack of public debate on this issues and others.

Also here's a nice story about what happened last time we had ID cards, a dry cleaner refused to show his card, the case, Willcock v Muckle eventually made it's way to the High Court, Lord Chief Justice Goddard said the continuation of the wartime ID card scheme was an "annoyance" to much of the public and "tended to turn law-abiding subjects into law breakers".

Good to see Tony Benn making a stand for the average person, the more I read about him the more I respect him.