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Cinema Stuff [May. 16th, 2004|02:56 pm]
I finally got around to seeing Kill Bill Vol.2 the other night. Good, very different to the first part. More plot and dialog, less blood, and few twists I did not expect. Worth seeing.

The ending, very downbeat, never expected Bill to die like that. I was expecting some big sword fight more like Elle Driver's. The buried alive bit look very harrowing, I felt a little bit claustrophobic just watching it.Also really liked the comic book bit, is QT getting all Kevin Smith?

I'm now waiting for the special super collectors edition before so I get them on DVD.

One other thing the selection of trailers was just weird. New 'The Rock' thing, looks like they are reusing the plot for Marked for Death, so not even worth a download.

Hellboy, Funny to see a film before the trailer, I thought the film was better than trailer make's it out to be. In the trailer it look all fight based and with more Nazi's than the film has.

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, This has a very over lit Art deco look to it, turns out it was filmed on a blue screen and all sets are CG. I liked The Rocketeer but I'm not sure about this one.