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About the airplane stuff [May. 16th, 2004|09:42 pm]
Well apart from being an air force brat, seeing the final landing by a Concorde last year, was really amazing and reignited my interest. The day was also very sad, that this was the last time she would fly.

I was standing just on the end of the runway, the normal fly-pass were very impressive but the landing, Just to seeing her coming straight for you with no sound, then the sound building until you were not not just hearing it but feeling the roar of the engines.
After landing they turned around and took a bow at each of group of people watching and we got blasted by the exhaust, from being a freezing cold day, it became nice and warm with the smell of paraffin from the fuel, then she taxied to the parking spot and it was all over.

The other thing about the day was the Rolls Royce Spitfire did a little display, while Concorde was doing the flyby of the Clifton Suspension Bridge, it took off away from the road, and it was surprising how short the take off run was, and then disappeared, we thought to join up with Concorde. The next thing we know it's coming down the centre line of the runway about as low as in the other video. Of course the pilot did an early and higher pull up than in the video but the plane was still pretty low when it came over our heads. A totally different sound to the jet's in Concorde but still unique, it then did some loops, rolls and turns before landing, if you even get the chance to see a Spitfire you should make the effort.