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Dumb Geek stuff, please ignore [May. 24th, 2004|12:02 am]

So I've been happily running Mozilla for a few years now (from around version 0.7), it is just a better browser than IE, tabs, popup blockers, scripting disabled in the email client, spam filters. Anyway I've been using FireFox ( or whatever it's call this week) at work of a few months now as we are forced into using Outlook (I hate Outlook, it seem to find a new way to annoy me everyday, but mostly just being slow and a resource hog), so I only need a browser not the whole suite.

I've found it's just that little bit faster and slicker in presentation but until now I've not made the switch at home until now. Firefox was a piece of cake, download, install, import my bookmarks, grab a new theme. Thunderbird only took a little more work but not much more, copy the news and mail folders and the mail config file from the Mozilla profile. reenter your password for the mail accounts and you are up and running. I really did think it would take me a lot longer to switch over and that was most of the reason I had not converted earlier. The 1.0 releases of both should be out at the end of the summer but everything has working real solid for me so far.

Also I've got into watching a new TV show,the Screen Savers on TechTV, which I came too via this slashdot story on The broken, which is a nice not that serious hacking zine, just a few friend having a laugh. Anyway back to the Screen Savers, The rips I've been watching have thew adverts left in (the rips of 24 I watch has them removed), and being sad I didn't skip them. All the car one's had big captions at the bottom saying 'Professional driver on a closed course', I wonder how long before we see them over here?

Oh and a little Thanks you to mirror.ac.uk, I got the latest gentoo ISO at a nice constant 225K per second. Shame they are scaling back the service.