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Ok, back now [May. 31st, 2004|01:16 pm]
I had a good time at the Wedding. The Bride looked lovely and the groom (very) nervous (all day). It was a civil service so the actual ceremony was very short, the line about Marriage being between one Man and one Woman (but of course I don't really agree with that) really stood out for me.

The meal was very very nice, as were the people on my table, who I has not met before, normal I would find that very overwhelming, but this time it was ok and we chatted about normal stuff. The brides father speech was nice and short and had a few good stories. The groom's was ok but you could see he was I think the technical term is bricking it. Best man has a very funny presentation (Laptop, Projector and Powerpoint, yes very geeky), which in the best Tomorrow's World tradition went wrong at one point but had lots of baby and beered up photo's of the groom and a few of the Bride, who both got suitable embarrassed.

Even the evening do was fine (even if wearing a Suit felt like Drag), I got to have a chat with a few people I'd not seen for a while.