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Stargate SG1 vs. Bit Torrent [Jul. 6th, 2004|10:16 pm]
I've just seen someone has put up a file of Seasons 1 to 7 on SuprNova, only 57 gig!!! Almost worth downloading just to see how long it takes (just as an FYI a 512Kbit ADSL connection can do 150 gig in a month maxed out 24/7/30).

They also have the Stargate Atlantis Preview up, which I got over the weekend, looks very nice, premiers the middle of this month, so something to look forward to.

Another little Bit Torrent thing, The Screen Savers did a segment on the best Bit Torrent sites, part of which had them downloading a copy of an old episode from SuprNova, which is very funny when you are watching the show from a file downloaded from SuprNova (it would be nice not to have to do this but no one in the UK airs the show, so it's either an illegal download or not watching it).

In related news, I also got my two new T-Shirts today, posted on the 2nd in San Diego, and turned up here on the 6th, in my book that's good service