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Warp DVD [Jul. 20th, 2004|07:50 am]

Looks like Warp are putting out a DVD of some videos (via The MP3Blogs Aggregator), one thing I didn't know was that Jarvis Cocker directed some videos, including 'on' which I really like.

Maybe it's time to get that 5.1 (or 7.1) surround system and a projector.

  1. Sweet Exorcist: "Testone" (Martin Wallace & JarvisCocker/1990)
  2. LFO: (LFO/1991)
  3. Nightmares on Wax: "Aftermath" (Jarvis Cocker/1991)
  4. Aphex Twin: "On" (Jarvis Cocker/1993)
  5. I Smell Quality: (David Slade/1994)
  6. LFO: "Tied Up" (David Slade/1994)
  7. Sabres of Paradise: "Wilmot" (Douglas Hart/1994)
  8. Seefeel: "Fracture" (Seefeel/1994)
  9. Aphex Twin: "Donkey Rhubarb" (David Slade/1995)
  10. Autechre: "Second Bad Vilbel" (Chris Cunningham/1995)
  11. Aphex Twin: "Come To Daddy (Directors Cut)" (Chris Cunningham/1997)
  12. Squarepusher: "Come on My Selector" (Chris Cunningham/1997)
  13. Jimi Tenor: "Midsummers Night" (Tenor and Sàkà Kaukoranta/1998)
  14. Aphex Twin: "Windowlicker (Directors cut)" (Chris Cunningham/1999)
  15. Jimi Tenor: "Total Devastation" (Jimi tenor and Sàkà Kaukoranta/1999)
  16. Broadcast: "Papercuts" (Barback/2000)
  17. Jamie Lidell: "Daddys Car" (Frederic D/2000)
  18. John Callaghan: "I'm Not Comfortable Inside My Mind" (John Callaghan/2000)
  19. Antipop: "Perpendicular-Vector" (Caliber 16-Marcus Wambsganss/2001)
  20. Plaid: "Eyen" (Jean Luc-Chansay/2001)
  21. Antipop: "Ghostlawns" (Carlos Arias/2002)
  22. Autechre: "Gantz Graf" (Alex Rutterford/2002)
  23. Aphex Twin: "Nannou" (Laurent Briet/2003)
  24. Chris Clark: "Gob Coitus" (Lynn Fox/2003)
  25. LFO: "Freak (Directors Cut)" (Daniel Levi/2003)
  26. Luke Vibert: "I Love Acid" (Delicious 9/2003)
  27. Mira Calix: "Little Numba (CR vid)" (Sam Tootal/2003)
  28. Plaid: "Itsu" (Pleix/2003)
  29. Prefuse 73: "Half Of What (CR vid)" (2003)
  30. Vasarelly: "tDR" (2003)