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FarCry [Jul. 27th, 2004|12:13 am]
I gave in on Saturday and got Far Cry (I know old news to most people but well sometimes I'm a little slow). My machine is only good enough for the medium detail setting (which set me off looking for upgrades), but even on that it still looks very very nice.

FarCry running on my machine
FarCry still running on my machine

The still images don't do it justice. the water is so nice and the tree. It's not just the graphics, its got nice interactive music, some very nice physic (knock a box into the water and it floats).
The single player (so far) is really well done. Multiplayer, the Assault mode is good fun, free for all is ok and so is the team death match but I still prefer Battlefield 1942 /Vietnam /Desert Combat.