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Expensive CD [Aug. 26th, 2004|10:40 pm]
So a couple of week ago I got around to ordering As Heard On Radio Soulwax Pt. 9 from HipHopSite (who I had used once before and had very good service), I'd forgot it was on the way until last Saturday, I got a card from my postie that I had a customs charge of £23.06 to pay at the sorting office, I'd missed the opening times that day, so it would have to wait until Monday. I spent some time think what it could be, I alway take great care to keep any order under £18, so they don't get charged.

Anyway Monday came around, I called in at the sorting office on my way into work, paid my money and got my package.

At work I had a look at the customs declaration
Customs declaration

And well you can see why I got charge, at first glance the value looks like it could be $100 or $200, so way over the limit, hence why I got the Bill.
UK Customs Bill

So I emailed HiphopSite, and got a reply back today (that why you get this long drawn out rambling post), they said the value 'was actually 7.00 dollars' (I can just about see that if I look at the form with my eyes half closed) and I should 'know when you order again and i will give you free shipping due the inconvenience.', which seem fair enough.

So I thought about contacting HM Customs and Excise about the error (and see if I could get an of my money back) but the site is unreachable, so much for E-Government.