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Notes from my time in dialup hell [Sep. 10th, 2004|12:04 pm]
I got invite to a barbecue at a friends (same ones who got married back in May) place, all very nice, we had far far too munch food was eaten, everyone was very full, very nice night, no thinking about my gender issues, just chatting to people.

Still very tired from getting in late from the barbecue, so not much work was done in the morning, which was ok as I had all the email from when I was away to catch up on. End of the day i went back round my friends to pick up my car (I had got a lift back home with some of the other people the night before), grabbing a little gaming session on the gamecube, and finding out that I'm really really bad at Timesplitters 2, then back home to see if I could get my router working again.

I also did a little sorting out the stuff my mother dropped off the other weekend, i spent all this time before she came getting my place tidy, then all these dusty boxes were dropped off and its a mess again, which I'm slowly clearing up.