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Hellboy on the big screen [Sep. 23rd, 2004|10:34 pm]
I had a nice night, I was nice see various people again only a little dampened by getting some really bad service at the place we were eating at (very slow and not great food (I guess they rushed cooking it)), It liked the film (still) and so did everyone else, which is good because before hand they all sounded a little dubious about what I had dragged them to see.

One thing I did notice was it seemed to be a different cut to the other one I saw, just a few scenes that I didn't remember or thought were different. Not that they changed the plot in anyway just it seems strange, maybe I'm just not remembering the first version I saw very well (I don't have the files so I can't check).

The Directors cut DVD is out soon, so another thing to add to my wishlist.