Zoe (z303) wrote,

Random Updatelet

Lot of things happening of late, mostly good, just busy and spending less time on my PC, some work stuff, some travel stuff and some just general life stuff.

Travel stuff
Tomorrow I'm off to France for a week, to see this place my mother has brought (she signs the final papers on Wednesday). For some reason I have been roped into creating a website to advertise the place (she will be renting it out as a holiday home next year), so I have many photos to take and then some html to bash together. I'm really looking toward to the break, no computer or internet for five days, this may be what I need.

General stuff
The weight loss is getting easier, but still far from easy, the temptation to pig out of junk food and chocolate is still very much around. Every time I weight myself the scales show me a little lighter,and you are starting to be able to see the results on my tummy, which is helping lots.

I also been managing to keep my place mostly tidy, which is a good thing and slowly sorting out the piles of stuff my mother dropped off last time she was visiting.

I'm still managing to go out more but this is just showing up my complete lack of time planning, lots of things I want to do but not enough time, that why I have gave in and got an organizer last week, it seems to be helping but it can only do so much. I do have a small list of things to sort out when I return but that is for next week.

Work stuff
I'm off bug fixing (that what I been doing for the last year), not my favorite part of the job, I'm now doing some 64bit work, which so far has been much more fun, actually getting to write some code again. The timing as been a little bad what with my holiday, so I've been rushing around getting all the bit done before I leave today, looks like most of it under control and I've done all my bits I need to so other people can get on with whatever they are doing.

Anyway my body is flying back sometime of Saturday but I don't think my mind will have caught up until Tuesday at the earliest.
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