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More sense from the Information Commissioner vs. dumb ideas from the Government

Jonathan Bamford, Assistant Information Commissioner, on the Goverment plan for a central database of all UK communications data including times and durations of phone calls, emails and internet access for every British citizen.

‘If the intention is to bring all mobile and internet records together under one system, this would give us serious concerns and may well be a step too far. We are not aware of any justification for the state to hold every UK citizen’s phone and internet records. We have real doubts that such a measure can be justified, or is proportionate or desirable. Such a measure would require wider public discussion. Proper safeguards would be needed to ensure that the data is only used for the proper purpose of detecting crime.

‘We have warned before that we are sleepwalking into a surveillance society. Holding large collections of data is always risky; the more data that is collected and stored, the bigger the problem when the data is lost, traded or stolen. Defeating crime and terrorism is of the utmost importance, but we are not aware of any pressing need to justify the government itself holding this sort of data. If there is a problem with the current arrangements, we stand ready to advise on how they can be improved, rather than creating an additional system to house all records.

Now hopefully people and especially the Government will listen and put an end to this silly idea and instead do something worthwhile.
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Ayria -The Gun Song EP

Ayria -The Gun Song EP

As tweeted earlier, this arrived today, which was very cool as I preordered it a week or so ago.

It was a big surprise as it not meant to be released until the 14th March, so over a month from now. CBDB and whatever MS Media player uses both did not know about the CD so I had to enter the details.

Really liking the tunes, and can't wait for the full new Ayria album later in the year. Of to listen to it some more.

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and first Flickr photos: Valkyrie variable fighter from SDF Macross (side view), 13th April 2005

Both seems a very long time ago, but with today's news, having some sort of plan B for all the data seem very sensible. This is not being a Microsoft hater but remembering how hotmail went from being useful to full spam and user interface 'features' that just got in the way. I mean with all the problems (NSFW) Violet Blue was having with Yahoo! I was already having second thoughts about keeping the account, oh and the shopping people to the oh so nice Chinese government.

This just got me thinking about Ian Betteridge's post 'The dangers of the cloud', about just this sort of thing.

Not to forget the 'all your LJ is belonging to us' saga.

No answers yet, and until things start going downhill I'm not going to rush into doing anything, but interesting times for sure.